Domo Arigato – Mr. Robot

I loved it.

The S1 finale of Mr. Robot aired this week. This USA Network show pushes the unreliable narrator to the nth degree and short of jumping out of the TV screen plays with the 4th wall in amazing ways.  The titular character is named Eliott – a al ET and is played with bug-eyed confusion by Rami Malek.  Some who come to this series late may find that a little disconcerting as he is the lead in the recent PS4 B slasher horror homage video game – Until Dawn.

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The show has a distinctive shooting style that frames characters in off balance ways – ie shots where characters normally would be in the center of the screen are almost off the edge. It’s disorienting  but does an amazing job of catching the main character’s state of mind. I’ll say little more to not ruin the discoveries this wonderful gem offers but it also does gorgeous location shots of buildings and architecture. You’ll understand as you watch. It reminds me of Hannibal in the way it establishes a unique visual style.


The show has probably generated little buzz till now because while engrossing it’s not a high energy show that one can crow about. Much of the season is an internal journey until you go – in my best Keanu Reeves impersonation – WHOA!