Stephen King Podcast Ep 65: On the Pet Sematary Path

Ep 65: On The Pet Sematary Path is out!

We interview documentary maker John Campopiano – one half of the team behind the Pet Sematary: Unearthed and Untold documentary.

He and his partner have put together quite a behind the scenes look at the movie. It will be out in January or you many have the special edition that was released with bonus footage.

That and the latest Stephen King news.


Stephen King Podcast: Ep. 64 – Firestarter

Even though technical difficulties tried to make us BACK OFF! – we perservered and here is:

Ep 64 of the Stephen King Podcast: Feeding Fuel to Firestarter

We also talk about Stephen King news.
NOTE – SPOILER ALERT!!! We discuss the leaked DT Trailer from 04:14 to 18:57 – so skip ahead if this is something you don’t want to hear!!!!!!!!!!