Stephen King Podcast – Ep. 92

Ep. 92: Mr Mercedes Tours Castle Rock & The Tower

In this episode, we review episodes 4 – 7 of Castle Rock, the first episode of Season Two of Mr. Mercedes, and aone year retrospective review of the Dark Tower movie.

Plus our recap of the latest Stephen King news.


Podcast Episodes

Fallen behind on podcast updates, so here’s a bunch:

In this episode, writer & Stephen King expert, and previous podcast guest, Bev Vincent, returns. Bev has recently co-edited a horror anthology with Stephen King titled, Flight or Fright.


In this episode, podcast listener, Ami Sandler, takes us on a comic tour of Stephen King works. It’s not something we have dealt with in any detail and it was a blast to do so.

Ep. 89: Stephen Spignesi Interview

In this episode, we are honored to have one of the first Stephen King chroniclers, Stephen Spignesi, join us for an interview. Back in the 1990s, Stephen wrote the Stephen King Encyclopedia which was a great boon for King fans, in the pre-Internet days.

Ep 90: The Outsider & Laurie Reviews
In this episode, we do a double-header review of King’s latest novel – The Outsider as well as a short story that was put up at Stephen King’s website for free – Laurie.

Ep. 91: First 3 Castle Rocks & Listener Questions

In this episode, we review the first three episodes of Castle Rock plus answer Listener Questions.

Stephen King Podcast Ep 87 -Flight or Fright

Here’s a bucket list item I can check off. Stephen King retweeted one of my tweets!
writer and Stephen King expert, Bev Vincent returns to discuss an upcoming horror anthology dealing with flying titled, ‘Flight or Fright.’
Bev co-edited the book with Stephen King and it includes stories from both of them as well as Joe Hill, Richard Matheson, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and more.
All this plus the latest King news!