Into The Light Or O Canada, Eh! – Episode 3.14: Chuck Vs The HoneyMooners

Written by Lauren LeFranc & Rafe Judkins
Story by Ali Addler
Directed by Robert Duncan McNeil
Sarah Walker, do you agree to quit the spy life with me.’
‘I do. Chuck Bartowski, do you agree to quit the spy life with me.
‘I do.’
Meet the Charles.

Out of the dark and into the light. Hey, hey. My, my!
An episode of total joy that defies any sort of detailed analysis. To do anything more than sit back and enjoy the treats this episode offers would be like trying to dissect a gigantic skyward soaring soap bubble. Some things should just be experienced for the joy they bring. HoneyMooners is one of those things.  It is an episode which holds no surprises as to how it is going to play out.  Just like the soap bubble that will eventually burst; such knowledge in no way detracts from the enjoyment of watching it.
Built on the overused device of misunderstanding between Chuck and Sarah as to what each thinks the other wants, fans get to sit back and drink in all the chemistry between those two characters. There were fears that the Chuck and Sarah magic was lost. This episode put those fears to bed, pun intended, for good.
Beyond that there is little more to say. Chuck and Sarah finally come to realize that the two of them being spies and being together are not mutually exclusive goals. As the defecting Basque terrorist wearily tells them – doing some audience channeling in the process – after being on the run for two years, one cannot escape who they are. We also get to see the other pairing of Team Bartowski, Casey and Morgan in action, and the anticipated hilarity is met and exceeded.
This is a landmark moment in Chuck Fandom. After this episode aired it is a certainty that this is a time when all the various groups of the Chuck fandom have never been so unified. For those to whom the relationship reigns supreme to those that were weary of the WTWT dynamic to those whom wanted the show to return to happier times; this episode has brought them all together. Everyone of them have had their hopes for the show answered. For those who appreciated the Mordor like journey of the first thirteen episodes before the show returned to the Shire, stumbles and all during the execution of that storyline, with our band of heroes coming home older and wiser; this episode is what makes such dark journeys compelling. This is the payoff for what the characters had to go through to get there.
Episode Flashes:

  • Another great opening sequence – misdirect with the conductor sharpening his blade when bringing the first of many meals to Chuck and Sarah’s room
  • Chuck and Sarah’s ‘honeymoon’ measured by the number of meals brought to their room
  • Chuck with a Clark Kent curl in the first train bedroom scenes with Sarah
  • smiling Sarah – and she smiles a lot! Perhaps 3 seasons worth?
  • MORGAN! Like every scene he was in! – hmm I posted the same last episode. A trend?
  • Morgan manipulating Casey into allowing him to search for Chuck
  • Morgan knowing about Oracle databases – he gets such great throw away lines
  • Morgan’s ‘Intersect’ knowledge of Chuck is eerie and a little disturbing but very useful
  • Chuck and Sarah unable to turn off their spy skills
  • Chuck and Sarah getting turned on by comparing spy notes
  • Canada! (sorry I am a Canuck.)
  • Morgan’s need to root for the plane to stay in the air
  • Chuck and Sarah improvising a mission with no spy gear – they do make a great spy team indeed
  • Morgan seeking safety abroad behind the Canadian flag – O Canada!
  • Charles and Nora Charles – Thin Man!
  • The Charles and their southern accent – I made an oopsie!
  • handcuffed Chuck and Sarah punching Casey in unison
  • handcuffed Sarah fighting on her own with Chuck on the other side of the door
  • Jeffster UnPlugged! ‘Leaving On a JetPlane.’
  • Chuck and Sarah on a scooter
  • Chuck and Sarah swing dancing their way through a fight – in handcuffs again of course
  • Casey and Morgan re-enacting the tied together fight scene from UnderCover Lover
  • Beckman’s – ‘an unlikely pairing often produces successful results.’ Times two for Team B.
  • Morgan peeking over Casey’s shoulder at Beckman during the debriefing and jumping in with his two cents worth
  • ‘Release Agent Walker!’ LOL
  • Beckman going Meta and voicing fandom’s, ‘Its about damn time,’ sentiment in regards to Chuck and Sarah being together
  • Chuck getting to say good bye to Ellie and letting her know he has grown up and is not alone, ‘We’re together.’
  • A turntable! Vinyl! Chuck really is an audiophile nerd!
  • Chuck picking out Sarah’s favorite song – “Feeling Good” by Nina Simone – and the two of sharing the moment together – ’nuff said
Chuck Bartowski, do you agree to not quit the spy life and be with me.’
‘I do. Sarah Walker, do you agree to not quit the spy life and be with me.
‘I do.’
‘Release Agent Walker!’ – Blessing Beckman Style!

‘Chuck Versus The HoneyMooners’ is so much fun. The writing tandem of Lauren LeFranc & Rafe Judkins, in conjunction with Ali Addler, experience no sophomore slump after writing episode 3.10 – Chuck Versus The Tic Tac. They prove that outing was no fluke with this second effort. What a find these two have been. We need to see more from them and soon! Robert Duncan McNeil continues to show his skill and experience with directing the cast as well.
It is a credit to the creative team that puts out an episode like this that deftly sweeps season long arcs, such as Sarah’s desire to leave the spy world, under the rug and it is not an issue. This episode also proves that the showrunners do listen to the fans.
Returning to some points made in previous reviews, I hope everyone can join me in thanking and applauding the Chuck team for taking the risks they have this season. How many shows let their characters grow? How many shows put their two leads together? And do it before the final episode? How many shows keep on changing the dynamics of the show and push the characters into new areas?
Have there been stumbles? Sure. But that goes with risk taking. The rewards have been great and plentiful. Cannot wait to see what else the show has put out there for us to experience in the next five episodes left for this season.
This season has showcased the wonderfully broad range this show can operate within. From the dramatic to the comedic.  From the dark to the light. Each of us has preferences as to which end of the spectrum the show should reside but statements that the show needs to stick to one setting sadden. Variety is the spice of life and I like my Chuck as spicy as possible. Mix it up as much as possible. The perfect blend would take the best elements of all the previous episodes. We have seen the cast is more than up for it. A better balance is the goal the show should strive for. Walk both sides of the fence in equal amounts.
The show has come full circle. As Captain Kirk proclaimed at the end of Star Trek IV – The Voyage Home, ‘My friends we’ve come home.’
Time to start off on the next volume of adventures!

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