CNN Bonus Holiday Episode – Frea O’Scanlin’s – ‘What Fates Impose’

Welcome back gang!

A special Holiday Treat Podcast this time!

I have a small present for all of you Chuck fans. An interview with writer Frea O’Scanlin. She has expertly crafted a very big present for Chuck fans.

It is an epic; in length, scope and writing skill, Chuck story.

While you are waiting for the return of new Chuck episodes next year now is a great time to check out one of THE best Chuck stories ever written.


Imagine a story where instead of Chuck moping about his breaking up with college sweetheart Jill for five years, Chuck has been laboring away in isolated bunkers for the US Government.

Imagine Bryce visiting Chuck one time with his partner reluctantly in tow. Sarah Walker.

Go a step further and picture Chuck receiving a mysterious email from Bryce and Sarah speeding to said isolated bunker in hopes of confronting/capturing Bryce. Or at the least, Chuck. Whom, Sarah has never been able to get out of her mind since their one meeting.

Intrigued? Trust me. Check it out and you will encounter an Alternate Universe story that parallels the established canon in a wonderfully crafted tale..

Thanks to writer Frea O’Scanlin for allowing me to interview her. Hope you listeners will find Frea’s tale of how she came to write this mammoth story and her writing process interesting, educational, and entertaining.

Frea, with the help of her minions, runs a blog – Castle Inanity – where you can be kept apprised of not only her writing projects but those of many others too.

If you only do one thing, skip this interview, and go to Frea’s blog where you can find the story in multiple eBook formats for easy, portable reading. Here is a great chance to check out that shiny new, and very hungry, eBook Reader you received for Christmas!

Miss any episodes? You can find them all at CNN – Chuck Nerdposium Netcast.

Note this interview was conducted a while ago so some elements are out of date ie the story now stands at 45 chapters.

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