FBI(Fringe Benefits Inc.)Ep Review – 3.11: Reciprocity

Join us in our temporarily constructed shared reality known as a podcast, as we discuss the latest episode of Fringe.

2 thoughts on “FBI(Fringe Benefits Inc.)Ep Review – 3.11: Reciprocity

  1. Hi Gang,

    Really great podcast this time and you guys all addressed the things that 'nagged' me most about this episode. Don't get me wrong, it was a great episode, but it's definitely a set up for what's to come, so some nagging questions that things aren't adding up right at this moment.

    For one, no surprise here, but me and Jan are on the same page, as usual. I am trying to figure out HOW Peter was able to figure out the code in Fauxlivia's encrypted file. And WHEN! The way it was presented, it seemed like, until Broyles gave the file off to Astrid, no one on the team had access to the file. So when did Peter gain access?

    UNLESS, when he gave the decrypter bunch from the FBI ideas on how to break the password, he had already figured out the U2 password…that's all I got. Just seemed weird he had access before anyone else did.

    Then, in saying that, I totally agree with Frea that it really tainted the comments that Peter had made to Olivia on how he didn't want her to see him in a bad manner. Obviously, he had already read the file, and knew exactly what it said. Just seemed like a non-genuine comment, when the line (kudos Joshua Jackson) was delivered with sincerity & emotion.

    Lou, nice catch on the 'when did Peter kill the doctor' thing. Maybe that will come back? I didn't notice it until you said something & now I'm like, hmmm….

    Anyhow, love listening to you guys every week & thanks for putting these out!

    -kyrssy (twitter handle)


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