FBI(Fringe Benefits Inc.)Ep Review – 3.15: Subject 13

A ‘Family’ forged by Fate, faces their Fears & Foibles
amid the Freaky & the Fantastic.

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3 thoughts on “FBI(Fringe Benefits Inc.)Ep Review – 3.15: Subject 13

  1. I think Olivia made it snowed because Peter told her “You got to imagine how you want things to be. And then you can try
    and change them.” and she was trying to cool off at that moment.

    Also, I think she jumped and ended up talking to Walternate because she went to the person Peter trusted. She didn't thought about Walter specifically but about the guy Peter trusted.

    Olivia: “Do you trust him… Walter?”
    Peter: “You should tell him.”

    Walter talking to Olivia's stepdad was a very important moment because by doing that, he essentially accepted the fact that Peter wasn't going back. Olivia was Peter's way back and he didn't sacrifice her. That may be the first time he drew a line.

    Also, Olivia doesn't remember being hit by her stepdad, she never mentionned it anyway, so her stepdad probably stopped hitting her even though he kept hitting her mom.

    While Olivia gave Walter the first line he wouldn't cross, she gave Walternate the motivation to cross plenty of lines. Interesting.


  2. I want to add that at the beginning of the episode, Walter is the bad guy. He's experimenting on children, we've known it all along but seeing it is something else. He's very “scientific” towards Peter and isn't very understanding of Elizabeth.

    On the other hand we see Walternate's pain.

    But by the end, Walter chose not to sacrifice Olivia while Walternate is on his way to war.


  3. Thanks for the feedback!

    Have to love that Fringe allows for many interpretations.

    The last few episodes have been designed to make us empathize with characters from both universes.


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