Separate Paths

Spartacus S03E08 – Separate Paths:

Wow!  Is this the Tiberius that James T. Kirk was named after? What a despicable little shit he is!

Crassus asking why Caesar was not a horse was priceless.

Brilliant and bloody battle scenes.  In the picture above we see Crixus, who has broken off from Spartacus, exulting his cohorts to defeat the Roman force below before heading to Rome itself.  Which can be seen on the horizon.

Alas it is his last victory for a fatal battle looms right after this one.

8 episodes in.  Only 2 left.  Characters are starting to fall now.  Two(?) of the bigger ones were taken down.  Time runs out for the remainder.


Twenty-First Century King by Bev Vincent:

Many out there review King’s works and Bev’s voice is one of the most clear and perceptive.  I really enjoyed reading his takes on King’s works since 2000 and on.  Bev’s insights, at the least, crystallize concepts and themes King tackles; while often providing food for thought and new ways to view King’s writing.

I treated this book like candy, reading one review a day and was really sad when I reached the end.

Congrats to Bev on a job well done and another welcome addition to my King library.

PS – WebTV indeed!

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