Hello world!

Hello everyone!

I’m back!  Join me in this two year time jump as I get back into the saddle again.

New site. New blog. New attitude.

For posterity’s sake, my old blog posts have been migrated here. It gives you things to read until this new blog builds up some content and gives me a quick mental bookmark as to where my head was at two years ago.

In the past two years, I’ve been focusing on creative writing in addition to my ongoing reviews. I am reviewing games – video and/or console – over at Canadian Online Gamers.

Back to my creative writing endeavours. I’ve finished a couple of short stories, joined a couple of writing groups, and made some good connections with local writers in the Edmonton area. This fall I will be taking some writing courses to help focus on areas I need improvement on.

Next weekend – August 13 -15th is the upcoming Writer’s Convention in Calgary – When Words Collide. It’s a fantastic event and great opportunity for networking with writers, publishers, and editors. Can’t wait!

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