Movie Nights

Watched a couple of flicks that are worthy of your time.

Green Room


Starring the late Anton Yelchin and Patrick Stewart. One of the weirdest Star Trek crossings with Stewart playing a thoroughly repellent SkinHead leader and Anton as a member of a low level punk rock band. A murder occurs, the band members are a witness, and Stewart tries to cover up the murder and lay the blame on the band. A real gritty violent thriller with several tense sequences which include pit bull attack dogs. Definitely worth a watch.

Bittersweet seeing Yelchin here who died recently and suddenly in a horrific and freak car accident. He has a King connection with his role from Hearts In Atlantis.



Birdman Movie Poster

Michael Keaton gives a virtuoso performance as an actor known best for a superhero role trying to prove he is capable of greater things while his inner demons tear down his ability to diffferentiate between reality and fantasy. Keaton heads a great cast with Ed Norton and Emma Stone as fellow standouts.

The direction of this movie is so fantastic that it becomes distracting because there are so many uninterrupted shots that made me focus on catching when the next cut would show up.

Love the ending as it is one that is open to interpretation.

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