Book Review: End Of Watch

This is one of King’s smoothest books akin to a very aged Scotch.
So satisfying.
Not only is this one slick puppy it is as tightly crafted as a Swiss watch with genre conventions so seamlessly woven into the characters you never notice them until after the revealing moments.
End of Watch is the end of the Bill Hodges trilogy and in my opinion is the best of the three. It’s not just that King surprisingly brings in some fantastical elements to what has been a grounded mystery/thriller series but our affection for the characters which King is always so good at bringing to life. I still find it surprising that King went this route but am so glad he did. This is one helluva of a page turner and an excellent wrap up to the series.
He really stuck the landing with this one.
When I opened the book, I saw no words. I fell into a shared experience.

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