FBI(Fringe Benefits Inc.)Ep Review – 3.03: The Plateau

Join us in our temporarily constructed shared reality known as a podcast, as we discuss the latest episode of Fringe.

2 thoughts on “FBI(Fringe Benefits Inc.)Ep Review – 3.03: The Plateau

  1. thanks Jan & Lou for reviewing the show this week…

    You both touched on just about everything I thought as well…

    FYI, the injection thing on Charlie, it parallels an episode from Season 1 called Unleashed. Charlie gets injected with larvae from this animal that gets loose from an animal experimentation lab. Walter finds the cure against this worm-like larvae thing that had infected Charlie.

    I take it 'over there' they don't ultimately cure it, but he has to take injections. The 'over there' infestations are arachnids instead of worm larvae.

    I had to look up what the episode was, I don't have THAT good of photographic memory. I just remembered the gist of that Charlie episode 🙂

    Until Next Week!!


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